Introducing Our Fan Of The Month: Janice Swarts

Janice Swarts

We truly appreciate our Facebook fans and in order to show our gratitude, we are starting a new program. Each month we will select a “Fan of the Month” and feature them in an article on our page for all of our followers to see.

If you actively “like” and comment on our posts on a regular basis, you may be the next fan featured on our Facebook page.

But while you wait for next month to see if you’re our “Fan of the Month,” get to know one of your fellow followers:

Over the years, Janice Swarts, a married mother of two adult children, has traveled more than 230 miles from her home in Wichita Falls to Scott & White for her healthcare needs. But now, with Scott & White’s Facebook page, she can check-in any time she wants.

“It’s almost like having a friend that you keep up with,” she said. “You’re able to see what’s going on without having to travel or drop by.”

Mrs. Swarts has been coming to the hospital for many years, and says Scott & White is the foundation of her family’s healthcare.

“We’ve really been impressed with Scott & White,” she said. “I love the healthcare system [approach]. If I have an MRI, then all of the doctors can access that. And they do and they talk to each other.”

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program coordinator said she doesn’t just feel like a number. She believes that her doctors and even those setting up her appointments genuinely care about her well-being.

“I think the more opportunities people have to get to know Scott & White, the more personal it will become [to them].”

We congratulate Janice on being our Fan of the Month, and thank her for sharing her story with us. We’re honored to have her as a fan!

If you would like to read more about our fans and what’s happening at Scott & White, please visit the Scott & White Healthcare Facebook Page.